RBI Structures is the Clear Choice for Hotel Canopies

The entrance to any commercial space, especially a hotel, is the first impression people will have of their stay. Glass canopies and glazed awnings are a great way to create a memorable setting for your guests to arrive at as well as set your hotel apart from the competition. From the moment guests arrive at your hotel they will be greeted under a beautiful glass entrance canopy. This makes check-in and departure from the hotel easy, with guests and hotel employees no longer needing to worry about inclement weather conditions.


RBI Carwash Enclosures at Blue Sky Car Wash

After refueling my car at a local gas station in Columbus, Ohio I noticed a new car wash business had opened across the street. The beautiful curved design caught my eye and I had to give it a try.  Upon closer inspection this carwash enclosure, designed and built by RBI Structures, is the most strikingly designed car wash I have ever seen.    “Blue Sky Carwash” is more than just the name of the business it is something that is directly incorporated into their building. This car wash is almost completely transparent from the walls all the way to the glazed roof. (more…)

Express Carwashes Making Life Easy

Having so little spare time with work, family, and other obligations can leave your car feeling – and more important, looking – neglected. That is why an express carwash can be a perfect remedy. It is so convenient to be able to pull over, run through, and get a complete, thorough clean in just minutes. On the way home from the office, or after picking up your son, either as he sleeps in his car seat, or if  awake, he will be fascinated by watching the whole process from pre-soak to drying. For us outdoorsmen, we know our love of hunting and fishing will show on our vehicle. An express wash will allow the mud and dirt to disappear right before the start of the work week, even during the coldest months of the year.  An express wash is a necessity for someone who wants to enjoy time off with the family and on the lake or in the woods, not spend it cleaning his vehicle.

RBI Structures Specializes In Custom Glass Atriums For Commercial Projects

With an in house team of structural engineers licensed in all 50 states, experienced project managers and designers, and seasoned installation crews, RBI Structures is the clear choice for any glass structure you may be considering.

RBI Structures can provide multiple options for canopies, covered walk ways, awnings, and other structural and architectural features. With expertise in glazed structures ranging from multiple applications using lapped glass, spider glass, stand-off glass, as well as polycarbonate and acrylic options, RBI Structures provides the glazed structure to fit in any construction budget. (more…)

RBI Structures Reputation For Superior Quality

With over 80 years of industry experience, RBI Structures is the clear choice for your upcoming project. We have a diverse portfolio of projects with a specialized focus on glazed structures such as glass entrance canopies, custom glass car washes, walkway canopies, pool enclosures, and atriums. We have extensive experience with a wide range of glass and glazing options including: acrylic, polycarbonate, traditional lapped glass, spider glass, and stand-off glass. In addition to our glazing options, we also offer alternatives to glass and glazing such as standing seam metal roofs and fabric shade cloth materials. (more…)

Custom Canopies Are a Great Addition To Commercial Building

Custom glass canopies are a great way to set your building design apart. RBI structures can design any type of glass canopy whether it is simple or complex, connected to your building or a freestanding structure. Glass canopies are a great way to provide protection from weather as well as create a signature facade for the front of your building design. (more…)