Custom Canopies Are a Great Addition To Commercial Building

Custom glass canopies are a great way to set your building design apart. RBI structures can design any type of glass canopy whether it is simple or complex, connected to your building or a freestanding structure. Glass canopies are a great way to provide protection from weather as well as create a signature facade for the front of your building design.

RBI Structures is a one-stop shop for all custom glazed entrance canopies. We take the canopy project through the entire process. We start at the conceptual design phase, providing schematic drawings and renderings to better help visualize how the glass canopy design will fit into the surrounding architecture. Perhaps most importantly is our structural engineering capabilities; we have engineers that can sign and stamp drawings and provide structural calculations for glass canopies in all 50 states. Whether the glass canopy has a steel or aluminum structure, we can provide the signed and stamped drawings. After the canopy design has been approved we manufacture, fabricate, and paint the canopy’s structural components. Once the canopy system has been manufactured, our experienced construction crews travel to do the installation of the custom canopy.

RBI Structures custom canopies are a great addition to commercial building designs including hotels, apartments, offices, and churches. We deliver successful custom canopy projects on time and on budget.