RBI Carwash Enclosures at Blue Sky Car Wash

After refueling my car at a local gas station in Columbus, Ohio I noticed a new car wash business had opened across the street. The beautiful curved design caught my eye and I had to give it a try.  Upon closer inspection this carwash enclosure, designed and built by RBI Structures, is the most strikingly designed car wash I have ever seen.    “Blue Sky Carwash” is more than just the name of the business it is something that is directly incorporated into their building. This car wash is almost completely transparent from the walls all the way to the glazed roof.

When I entered the car wash I was further delighted because instead of a conventional rail tugging one wheel through, this car wash utilizes a large conveyor system.  After a gentle ride through the glass lined tunnel my car turned out looking beautifully clean and dry.

Compared to the usual dark and dingy block buildings this car wash was in a different league.  As a customer, the clear tunnel was warm and inviting.  After my wash, I enjoyed watching the other cars go through as I used the free vacuums.  This car wash is the total package, and will become my go-to car wash from here on.