RBI Structures is the Clear Choice for Hotel Canopies

The entrance to any commercial space, especially a hotel, is the first impression people will have of their stay. Glass canopies and glazed awnings are a great way to create a memorable setting for your guests to arrive at as well as set your hotel apart from the competition. From the moment guests arrive at your hotel they will be greeted under a beautiful glass entrance canopy. This makes check-in and departure from the hotel easy, with guests and hotel employees no longer needing to worry about inclement weather conditions.

RBI Structures is an expert at glass hotel canopy construction and is the go-to company for many hotel owners, developers, and architects. RBI Structures can handle the glazed hotel canopy project from the preliminary design all the way through final construction. RBI Structures can create free standing solutions as well as suspend the canopy from the hotel structure. If the canopy is attached to the hotel structure our expert designers and professional engineers will coordinate the attachment with the architect and hotel engineer to ensure a seamless and structurally sound design.


RBI Structures can provide multiple glazing systems for hotel canopies including: lapped glass, polycarbonate, acrylic, standoff and spider glass, and we now also offer metal roof options. RBI can find the best solution for the budget and has a proven track record of providing quality glass hotel canopies that are consistently completed on time and on budget.


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  1. Alison Lohman says:

    The most attractive thing in hotels is their structure. People love to see their unique designs. The company is issuing many varieties of sound structures design. Canopy projects from the preliminary design are all different collections.

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