RBI Structures Specializes In Custom Glass Atriums For Commercial Projects

With an in house team of structural engineers licensed in all 50 states, experienced project managers and designers, and seasoned installation crews, RBI Structures is the clear choice for any glass structure you may be considering.

RBI Structures can provide multiple options for canopies, covered walk ways, awnings, and other structural and architectural features. With expertise in glazed structures ranging from multiple applications using lapped glass, spider glass, stand-off glass, as well as polycarbonate and acrylic options, RBI Structures provides the glazed structure to fit in any construction budget.

RBI Structures specializes in custom glass atriums for commercial projects.  We specialize in custom atrium projects for hotels, offices, and schools.  Custom designed atriums allow for lots of natural light in your space.  In addition to glass we can design the atrium using other glazing materials such as acrylic and polycarbonate. Structural systems for the glass atrium are custom made of either aluminum, anodized or powder coated, or steel, painted or galvanized. These structurally engineered systems provide the desired structural support for the custom glass atrium to meet any loading requirements needed. These atriums can be completely sealed systems utilizing a standard HVAC system or can use ventilation systems.

RBI Structures is the choice to make for any type of glazed structure being considered.  From the conceptual drawings, to the final, as-built set, this is the one-stop shop for custom glazed structures.