RBI Structures’ expertise with designing, structurally engineering, manufacturing, and constructing glazed and glass structures is the perfect combination for revenue generating premium glass car wash enclosures. The use of glass and/or transparent glazing materials greatly improves car wash building curb appeal, driving traffic and increased profits to any car wash facilities’ bottom line. RBI Structures’ glass car washes help improve sales and create repeat business by improving the customers experience with an open and safe environment.

RBI Structures offers standard building models as well as custom glass car wash designs. RBI Structures can build virtually any style of car wash building to match any lot size or meet any site specific length and/or width requirement. RBI Structures builds “see-through” glass car wash buildings for both tunnel and in-bay automatic car wash facilities. With customization capabilities, RBI Structures’ glass car wash structures are engineered and manufactured to incorporate a wide variety of car wash equipment manufacturer selections. Custom wash bay lengths, pay-station canopies, equipment rooms, and even occupancy space for offices and restrooms can all be accommodated.

RBI Structures offers both Design and Design/Build services. Under a Design/Build role RBI Structures takes the glass car wash project from initial concept though design development and on-site construction to grand opening. RBI Structures begins by providing preliminary line drawings and renderings with an associated preliminary budget. Submittal of in-house structurally engineered and stamped approval drawings comes next. RBI Structures provides stamped structural engineering services for all 50 states. After approval, quality controlled manufacturing, detailed fabrication, and timely shipment occurs. Professional warranted and OSHA certified installation crews manage the on-site construction.

Adding RBI Structures’ talented group of car wash design professionals to the project team early in the conceptual planning stages will help ensure a profit generating design and a successful project that comes in at budget and on time.

Glass Car Wash Specifications