Custom glass canopies are a great way to set a building design apart. The entrance to any commercial space, especially a hotel, is the first impression people will have of their stay. RBI Structures’ glass canopies are a great way to create a memorable setting for your guests to arrive. From the moment guests arrive at the hotel they will be greeted under a beautiful glass entrance canopy. Aside from their aesthetics, RBI Structures’ designed hotel canopies make check-in and departure from the hotel easy. Guests and hotel employees no longer have to worry about inclement weather conditions.

RBI Structures is an expert at glass hotel canopy construction and is the go-to company for many hotel owners, developers, and architects. RBI Structures can design and structurally engineer all types of glass canopies. Straight lines or curved, simple or complex, attached or freestanding; all are easily accommodated by RBI Structures. The teams at RBI Structures will assist from concept through design development, including provisions for schematic drawings, renderings, and possibly fly-thru animation to better help visualize how the glass canopy design fits with the surrounding architecture and building theme. Most importantly is RBI Structures’ structural engineering capabilities. RBI Structures can structurally engineer and stamp glass canopy drawings in all 50 states. Whether the glass canopy structure is steel or aluminum, RBI Structures can design and structurally engineer for either. Upon the glass canopy design approval, in addition to quality-controlled manufacturing, RBI Structures has the experienced, OSHA certified, and warranted subcontract crews to handle the on-site construction no matter where the project is located.

RBI Structures readily accepts the one-off complex and unique glass canopy projects. Designing and structurally engineering cantilevers, tight arches curved radius, and extended clear-spans are well within RBI Structures capabilities. Working with many different glazing materials and an equally varied number of glazing systems including lapped glass, fully gasketed glass, double-skinned acrylic, polycarbonate, spider glass, stand-off glass, and even standing seam metal roofs, RBI Structures is ready to ensure the best canopy fit for the design intent.

RBI Structures’ custom glazed canopies can create a signature facade for any commercial building or campus setting including hotels, educational facilities, apartment complexes, office buildings, parks, hospitals, and churches. RBI Structures delivers successful custom canopy projects on time and at budget.

Product Specifications

Materials, Glass, and Glazing : All RBI Structures are designed with durability and functionality in mind. The development of a palette of building materials that fulfill the program needs take into consideration structural framing in steel, aluminum, or wood and glazing with traditional glass, polycarbonate, acrylic, or solar glass materials.

Sizes : Custom glazed / glass structures are designed to fit program needs and site constraints. The glass canopy can be designed with open sides or with partial or complete vertical to provide maximum pedestrian protection from the elements.

Features Include :